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I worked with Delisa as my clinical instructor during orientation. Her knowledge, patience and experience coupled with her great personality, charming smile and ability to interact with different cultural backgrounds made my international transition not only seamless but very interesting. If I were to do this all over again, I would pray I land under her care.

Acheeng Achieng

Gateway Health

Delisa was great, always helpful and willing to help and provide a listening ear especially for someone who was transitioning from another culture! It’s one thing to visit but living in this environment is a big adjustment and culture shock is real! She really helped me to adjust and I’m really grateful for that

Lecia Rodney

Gateway Health

I’ve helped over 1,900 nurses immigrate to the United States from the Philippines over the past 28 years. My expertise is in immigration and filing EB-3, TN, H1-C, H-1B and H-1A (Expired 9/95) visas. I’ve helped Filipinos, Canadians, Egyptians, and South Africans. I’m familiar with the embassies in the Philippines, Singapore, UK, KSA, UAE, Qatar and Oman

Karen Muchmore

Gateway Health

With over 6 years of experience in the international nursing recruitment industry, I have assisted over 14,000 international nurses and watched their American dreams being fulfilled. My expertise in working with nurses worldwide from countries including but not limited to the Philippines, numerous African countries, the Middle East, UK, Canada and so many Caribbean countries has been extremely rewarding. Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping international nurses to adjust to their new lives culturally and clinically.

Delisa Gayle

Gateway Health
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